How can I keep my health good, How to maintain good physical health, Best tips for good health. Solve all kinds of problems.

How can I keep my health good, How to maintain good physical health? Best tips for good health. Solve all kinds of problems.

Health is like a lot of money. Until we lose it, we don't understand its value. Whenever there is a big problem in the body, it comes to our head.
Nah, this time you have to take care of the body properly, if you take care of the problem before it happens, but you don't have to suffer. If you do physical exercise without wasting as much time as you waste, your health will improve.

Today I will talk about how to keep your body healthy.

1: Sleep time or turn back to sleep. Depending on the structure of the stomach, sleeping on the left side can help the digestive tract to function normally and thus improve digestion.

2: In our busy lives we forget to drink water or we only drink water when our throat is dry. Which is very harmful for our body. It is not that we cannot drink water if we are not thirsty, we must drink enough water. Boys should drink at least 3.7 liters of water and girls should drink at least 2.7 liters of water.

3: Must walk more and more. According to the World Health Organization, you have to walk more than 8000 steps every day. Many people think that walking causes pain in the legs, but this is a misconception. Because if you develop the habit of walking at first you may have a little trouble one day but gradually it will become a habit and it is much better for the body.

4: The root of any disease is our stomach. If we can keep our stomach healthy then our body will be healthy. The two main things to keep in mind today are: 1- Don't eat junk food,
2- Keep digestion good. Both of these things will help you tremendously if you chew your food 32 times and then eat it.
If you eat any Janpur 32 times, you will not want to eat it, but if you chew a healthy food 32 times, you will still want to eat it. In this way, if you can practice chewing 32 times, you will see that you no longer want to eat junk food. On the other hand, 50% of the work of our digestive system is done orally, and the remaining 50% goes to the stomach.

5: If our close friends are like this who go around eating junk food all day, don't want to exercise, maybe have smoked ten or twelve cigarettes all day, sometimes colorful water party, eating all kinds of junk food, if they live like this You have to do so a lot of the time. But if your friends eat healthy food and avoid junk food, then it is normal for you to live like them. That's why you have to be careful in determining your friends. Again, if your home fridge is full of junk food, discard them. And make yourself healthy.

Your own health is up to you. If you follow everything on your own, then you will surely achieve success and be entitled to good health.

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