How can I take care of my eyes daily, Which fruit is good for eyes, Which food is good for eyes, How do you keep your eyes clean, Solve all problems all in one.

How can I take care of my eyes daily?Which fruit is good for eyes, Which food is good for eyes, How do you keep your eyes clean
Solve all problems all in one.

The eyes are a special part of our body. So eye care is absolutely necessary. However, many people do not take care of one eye. The structure of the eye is quite complex, consisting of different parts. Such as- cornea, iris, retina, aquas humor, vitreous humor etc. These eyes are like small balls in the middle of a strong hole in the food.

Some eye care tips:

1: Many people have the habit of washing their eyes repeatedly but it is not right. This is because repeated washing of the eyes also washes away the essential elements of the tears, thus reducing the immunity of the eyes.

2: If you spend most of the day in front of the TV and mobile phone can cause massive eye problems.

3: If something falls on the eyes, it should not be rubbed at all, it should be washed with water, if you think it is more necessary, you should take the advice of a doctor.

4: If there is any kind of injury to the eyes, the eyes should be washed with cold water.

5: If there is any eye problem after the birth of the child, you must consult an eye specialist.

6: Everyone should have their eyes checked at least once a year.

7: If you have diabetes, you must show your eyes in addition to controlling sugar because diabetes harms the journalist of the eye.

Ignorance of how to take care of eyes is the main cause of eye problems. Eat some food to increase the brightness of the eyes.

For example: eating foods rich in vitamin A. Eat colorful vegetables, fruits and egg milk. Vitamin A deficiency causes night blindness. Eat at least one egg a day. Eating foods rich in vitamin C including oranges and lemons. Almonds play a big role in enhancing eyesight. You have to eat small fish and you have to eat marine fish.

 There are many people who do not feel comfortable wearing glasses, but even if they do not feel comfortable, in many cases there is nothing to do. Many people are forced to wear glasses because they can't see, so if you don't want to use glasses, you must follow the above points.

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