How to cure knee pain. Solve all knee problems.

How to cure knee pain. Solve all knee problems.

Knee pain is a problem we all know. Almost all of us are under house arrest now, we can't go to the doctor properly because we are under house arrest. I can't go to the doctor, I can't bear the pain. As a result, we are forced to take daily painkillers.

Daily painkillers are becoming a habit of all of us to eat painkillers. We can cure knee pain in a homely way without taking daily painkillers.

If we have knee pain, we must see a doctor, but now it is not possible for us to go out. Knee pain will get better and other problems will be caught.

So in this case you must take home treatment. If you make it a habit to take painkillers, you will suffer a lot.

Not all doctors are available in hospitals now, and not enough cars are available to accommodate social distances. If you maintain physical distance then the problem is for you.

Rocksalt, which is rocking, is available in grocery stores. The same things are available in department stores, they are more expensive. Even if you don't buy it at a higher price. You will get Rocksult from the grocery store.

You come to that lumpy Rocksalt house and break a little. Then take water in one place, and mix one cup of tea rock salt.

Heat the mixed water. Then remove from the oven in that hot water. Then keep the cloth soaked in the cloth while it is still slightly warm where the pain is.

Keep doing this for a while. Suppose for 30 minutes. You will feel much relief if you continue to do this for 30 minutes.

If you are in pain, you take painkillers, but you do not try to understand how harmful painkillers are for you. If you wish, you can do a lot of home-made pain killer work.

 Another thing you can try is:
  Take ginger and turmeric with water.
  For this you must first know the amount.

The amount of water will be two cups, and half will be one inch, and the yellow will be half a teaspoon.

Then boil them in the oven. When you see that half a cup of water has become equal to two cups of water, you will pick it up. And when it cools down, take it from another container.

Then keep the water mixed with turmeric and ginger evenly for two students. Then eat it with honey in a pot. And leave it in another pot and after a while eat it again with honey. When you eat for the second time, heat it lightly.

If you can eat this way, you will no longer need painkillers. If you eat continuously for a week, you will realize that you have reduced a lot of pain without painkillers.

Fenugreek water is very useful to reduce the pain. Many people eat it. It is not only good for the knees but also for our body.

If you soak fenugreek in hot water at night and eat that water in the morning, you will benefit a lot.

The one that gives the best work is called chili powder. Chili powder helps a lot in reducing pain. Lanka contains capsaicin. Which is very useful for our body to reduce pain.

Mix chili powder with coconut oil and massage it well on the sore spot. After a while, wash it off with lukewarm water.

When we have knee pain, we all have problems walking. You can't sit for a long time and you should take a short walk from time to time. But if we have pain in our legs while walking, it becomes very difficult for us. So you must try to follow the above rules. Then you will see a lot of benefits.

Try it this way, you will definitely benefit. Now from home you must be treated at home. If you go out, your body can be much worse.

So of course you have to use home remedies if you want to keep your body healthy. Home remedies are first aid. If you do not work in first aid, you must consult a doctor.
Please stay healthy. Be happy.

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