How to do hair extensions, Solve all problems.

How to do hair extensions? Solve all problems.

There are many kinds of mysteries hidden in the nature around us. One of these mysteries is aloe vera. Almost all of us will know aloe vera.

Many of us know the properties of aloe vera. Aloe vera is as good for the body as it is for the skin. You will be surprised to know that this aloe vera is also very much beneficial in hair care.
We see in many cases the hair of many is dry and rough. They can't fix their hair even if they use a lot more. And one of them should be strong in the hair.

Again, many people have dandruff on their heads, for dandruff can not move in a normal way. And suffers various embarrassments.

Aloe vera should be used for these. If you use aloe vera then the roughness, fine dandruff of your hair will all go away.
Many people have allergies in the head. There are many small swellings in the place of the head.
If such people use aloe vera then it is very beneficial for them. Aloe vera helps prevent hair loss. Aloe vera contains vitamin C which helps to prevent hair loss.
Let me tell you how to use aloe vera:
If you buy aloe vera from the market then you have nothing to do before using it. But one thing must be kept in mind. You must buy the thing by observing it well.

You need to see if it is the original aloe vera. You need to see if there is anything unnatural about it. Whether there are any side effects to using it.
If you can see and buy these then it is very good for you. Of course you have to buy it after observing it well. And if you don't want to buy from the market, you can plant aloe vera in your home or you can buy aloe vera in the market. You can buy aloe vera from the market without buying readymade.
If you don't like too much hassle then you must buy from the market, and if you think that even if it is not a hassle then you can do the work at low cost then you can buy aloe vera leaves or plant aloe vera tree.
We will see that in many houses aloe vera trees are planted in tubs on the roof. You can also follow it. If you do not have at home, you can buy aloe vera from the market. Or you can see and hear the ready-made packets.
Here are some things to look for when selecting yours:
You cut the aloe vera tea and leave it for two to three hours at first, because when you put aloe vera on the aloe vera ticket for two to three hours, you will see that a yellow liquid is coming out of the aloe vera leaf. This is called analytics.
There are many people who do not get relief from aloe vera. The reason is that they put the yellow liquid in their mouths with analytics.
This analytics can say that it is harmful for our body. This yellow liquid i.e. analytics is not very good for our body.
So first of all you have to cut the leaf and leave it for two to three hours to get out the analytics i.e. yellow liquid.
Then the yellow liquid should be washed well, all the hook liquids on the aloe vera should be washed well
Then you have to cut out the aloe vera gel from the inside. This fresh gel tie should be given to the head.

Now the question is how to head?

You can put that thought in your head the night before the day you shampoo. But there is a problem in this case that if you give aloe vera the head gets wet. In their case, you can shampoo and apply the gel on your head two to three hours before.

Then you have to wash your head well while taking a bath.

You will definitely get better results if you use it regularly. If you use it regularly twice a week, you will get good results in a month. You will feel a lot of benefits from the first week.

Another way you can do this is to juice aloe vera gel with water and put it in a spray bottle. You can spray olive oil mixed with water in a bottle on your head.
Then you will see that a lot of hair has become silky.

Another thing you can try to do is: Mix aloe vera with coconut oil and apply it on the scalp the night before shampooing or 2-3 hours before shampooing.

Another thing you can try is to mix two teaspoons of aloe vera gel with onion juice and three equal amounts of coconut oil and give it to the head. However, if the mixture can be given to the head by heating it lightly, then better benefits will come.

The mixture is applied to the scalp at night, get up the next day and shampoo during the bath, or if you have a cold problem, you can try it two to three hours before the bath. Of course it is possible to get good results.

If you do these, the hair will stop falling and you will get a silky silky feeling in your hair and dandruff will stop falling. Your own hair will look much better.

If you need more than one day, do it 4 days a month, then you will see that you will get much better results.

This is a very good home remedy for taking care of your hair. And many benefits in a much lesser sense.

One thing to keep in mind, the beauty of your body depends a lot on the hair. Many people will like to see those who have good hair.

So if you want to build yourself to look good, you must take care of your hair.

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