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You must have seen that one thing that must be written in a pack of cigarettes is that smoking is harmful to death. But what is the benefit of writing it, people do not do anything just by looking at it.

People will give up, I will not eat one today. But later they eat again. I will quit today, I will quit tomorrow, one month, two months and another year will pass, but I will continue to smoke cigarettes.

But only if we can follow some small rules is possible without smoking. This intoxication causes many kinds of illnesses and many kinds of problems.

Smoking is really harmful to health, many times smoking causes many diseases. But we don't care about anything until something happens to me. For example, when we have a big problem, let's say you have a heart problem, the doctor told you to quit smoking, then you quit slowly. Or suppose you have caught asthma because you did not smoke a cigarette, then you will quit smoking.

But if you had stopped eating before such a big illness was caught, you would not have had these problems.

It takes purpose to do everything, no man does anything without purpose. In the same way, those who smoke need a purpose. Nothing happens without purpose. You will spend a few years doing today-tomorrow-the day after tomorrow but you will not be without smoking.

If you think that I will not eat in front of my family or eat in front of my children, I will be a good father to my child, but your food intake is much reduced.

It is often seen that many women are also associated with smoking. They quit when the baby is in their womb or quit smoking when there is a problem. The fact is that no one does anything without a purpose. They quit smoking whenever they have a purpose.

So of course you have to go for one purpose or another, if you can go for any purpose then of course your improvement is possible.

The second thing you need to do is be mentally strong. Because it is an addiction, suppose you want to eat, you hardened your mind and thought that if you do not eat, but the habit will change. So of course you have to be mentally strong.

You have smoked for so many years, of course nicotine has settled in your head, so if you suddenly quit it, you may have a headache, a lack of energy in the body. In that case you have to put up with a little.

It is often seen that many people go to the doctor to leave the company and the doctor gives him some medicine, which you must take regularly. Then we can get good results.

Sometimes it is seen that you have left a lighter or a match at home for smoking, and sometimes it is seen that you have left a pack of cigarette bar lighter in your car. You throw away the previous ones. Whenever you look at them, you will want to eat them, so you must discard them.

Brother, if you think that there is any smell of cigarette smoke in any of the clothes, then wash and clean them very well. Never keep a pack of cigarettes or a match in the middle of the room. If you keep them you will be addicted to them. I think eating a little will not be anything.

Many times many people take a cigarette when the tension is free, they think that their tension goes away when they smoke cigarettes. Is that really the case? Be careful about this. Tag the habit.

Many people have seen that when they take alcohol, they don't even hold a cigarette with it, it is more harmful. So stop drinking alcohol and you will see that the intoxication of cigarettes will gradually go away.

If you feel you are feeling very tense then you can drink light hot water, or you can drink green tea. You eat something else when you feel like smoking. Then you will see that you will no longer want to smoke cigarettes. You will see that the desire to eat as much food as you need to keep your daily life healthy has decreased a lot.

Many times eating junk food or eating any spicy food will make you feel less addicted to cigarettes. However, in the meantime, you must be careful not to eat too much junk food.

Many people have a habit of drinking coffee one by one and smoking cigarettes one by one, if that is the case then don't eat coffee. You can have tea instead of coffee, if you want to drink tea and cigarettes then you can take green tea, you will never want to smoke after drinking green tea.

Spend time with people close to you who don't like cigarettes, talk to them about your problems, tell people who can motivate you. It is not right to eat it, it is harmful for your body, consult with people who can tell you about these.

Smoking is never good for your health, but it is much more harmful for your health.

If you try to adhere to the above discussion, you will benefit as well as your family members. Because the people around you who smoke are just as vulnerable as you.

So don't hurt yourself, don't hurt your family. It is your responsibility to keep your family healthy. So you must follow all the rules for your own health and for the health of your family.

And never forget to follow these first aid as well as take medical treatment.

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