How to take care of the eyes, Solve your eyes problem.

The eyes are a very important part of our human body. We have to do a lot to keep our eyes well, but the true eye takes care of itself. But we also have a lot of responsibilities if the eyes are not good, the whole world is dark to us.

We should take care of our eyes after waking up. You should wake up and take a good look. Of course, wash with clean water, but many people have to wash with hot water, but never do it.

Sunglasses should be used when walking outside. If you use Bengali, there is no way to get any kind of dirt in your eyes.

Vitamin A foods, liver, milk, eggs, etc. to keep the eyes well in children. But as an alternative, you need to eat colorful vegetables and colorful fruits

When you do something like: any electronic work, laptop, mobile, TV, keep them at least 15 to 25 centimetres away from the eyes.

Those over the age of 40 must consult a doctor and use glasses if they have more problems.

People who use glasses regularly should see a doctor at least once a year, and if they find it difficult to look at old glasses, they should change them with the advice of a doctor.

One thing to always remember is that the eyes are our most important organ. Without eyes we could see nothing in this world. I could not feel so much beauty. So please take care of the eyes to keep the eyes good.

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