How to take care of the feet? Solve all foot problems.

How to take care of the feet? Solve all foot problems.

Leg pain is a very common physical problem. Many of us suffer from leg pain. It is not a specific age almost everyone suffers from this problem. It affects children as well as middle-aged people.

This problem occurs in almost all homes. This leg pain can be due to various reasons. Suppose the shoes you wear are not comfortable for your feet. If someone has rheumatism, they have more problems. In many cases, if the leg is injured for any reason, the leg can be sore.

Again if you walk a long way for a long time then your legs may get sore. People who work while standing can often have pain in their legs.

Whenever there is pain in the legs for any reason, we immediately take painkillers. It is temporarily fixed but keep in mind that it is only temporarily fixed. I never thought it would be okay to take painkillers for the rest of my life.
Many times if we are deficient in vitamins and lack the right amount of nutrition, we still have severe pain in our legs.
Here are some ways in which having a pain killer can help you get better
With any oil that you think is convenient: it can be mustard oil or it can be coconut oil or olive oil but there is no problem.

If you can massage the oil for 10 minutes by heating it lightly, if you massage it well, the blood circulation will become normal and the pain in the legs will be reduced.

Massage well but helps a lot to reduce foot pain. If we massage well, our leg muscles will relax a lot.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, so it helps a lot to reduce foot pain.

Heat it lightly with a teaspoon of turmeric and some sesame oil. In that hot condition, the feet should be massaged well and left for about 30 minutes. Then the place should be washed with warm water.

Thus, if it can be done two to three times a day, then at one stage very good results can be obtained. And with this, the pain in the legs will be reduced a lot.

Another thing that can be done is to mix some turmeric powder in milk and eat it. This will cure a lot of foot pain.

However, a condition is applicable in this case - those who take medicine to increase the blood must take the advice of a doctor before meals.

Another way is to take some oil first, you can take any extract such as coconut oil or mustard oil. You have to break some ginger in it with oil.

Then boil the oil well with the ginger. The boiled oil should be massaged well on the sore spot.

Then you will see a lot of relief. Ginger contains some ingredients that are very helpful in reducing pain.

If you have leg pain, you can eat ginger mixed chao.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will get as much heat as you can withstand the maximum, never overload it. If you take too much heat, the skin on your feet may get burnt.

And if the skin of the feet gets burnt, then it will seem that I have made it worse by doing good. The pain in the leg was good and no one could see it, but now the skin of the foot was burnt and everyone could see it.
For you must be careful.

Another thing you can do is heat with hot water where you are in pain.

A lot of times it is seen that when we sleep in the AC room our hills get cold and our legs start to ache. In that case you can wear a cotton mouza on your feet.

Another thing is green tea, green tea and but often relieves foot pain.

Another thing you must try to comply with is to try to reduce smoking. Absolutely do not try to reduce, then it is better for you.
Smoking often increases foot pain. This smoking not only harms the pain of the feet but also various things of our body.

These are your first aid. If you have any problems then you will get results if you do these.

There are many people who understand that they don't care about any problem they may have, they don't even take first aid. Their negligence exacerbates the problem.

If you have a small problem, you can try first aid. But if you do not see that it is not possible with these alone, then you must take the advice of a doctor

If your health is not good then nothing in the world will be good. So make sure you are healthy beforehand.

If you have any kind of problem, your family members will be affected along with you.

Of course learn to take care of your own body. If you get sick, your family will get sick. If your family is sick, your society will get sick. If your society is sick, your country will be sick.

So take care of yourself by thinking about everyone. If you think you have a mild problem, then if you take the first aid, then your disease will definitely get better. But if you neglect, your disease will continue to grow.

In many cases, many people do not want to go to the doctor for fear. In fact, there is nothing to fear. If you want to get better, you must consult a doctor. Because the doctor will understand what treatment you need.

Keep yourself healthy and make the country healthy

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