How to take care of the nose. Solve all nasal problems.

How to take care of the nose. Solve all nasal problems.

Have you ever wondered what would happen to us if we didn't have a nose? What kind of fragrance of this world fills our minds. For example, the smell of flowers. Who doesn't like the fragrance of flowers, almost everyone likes it.

But not everyone likes the smell of everything, like the smell of a dustbin with a very bad rotten stench. Of course no one likes it.

How do we know if these are bad smells or fragrances? We can understand these because we have noses, so we would not be able to understand them.

Xerox None of us could feel on Earth.

One thing to keep in mind: human beings have a much weaker sense of smell than other animals in the animal kingdom, such as dogs and cats.
But even if we have a little sense of smell, this little piece is very useful to us.
Again, many of us can't smell anything else even though we don't have it.
Yes, who can call it a disease. Because sight is like hearing, energy is like smell, and human beings have special powers and consciousness.
He must first understand why we smell, then it will be easy for you to understand why we do not smell.
Our noses are in front of the mouth and throat, the sensory cells that stimulate the senses.
The tiny odor-producing substances around it stimulate these cells.

It then travels directly to the nerves to the brain. The most important nerve in this work is Al Factory. It is on the back of the nose. It communicates directly with the brain.

The feeling of taste is also closely associated with the gran energy. It is said that flavors are created by combining different tastes and smells of different foods.

Without olfactory cells and nerves, it would be difficult to understand whether you are eating lemon juice or mulberry juice.

Some people may lose their sense of smell through their nose for various reasons. Haiposamiya name issue, some say the flavor is felt ayanasamiya it.

Again no one gets the right smell of the right thing, get any other smell which is unusual. The sense of smell can be damaged for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is a virus attack.

It is often caused by colds and flu. A temporary cold can reduce your sense of taste and smell.

If you get hit in the head for any reason, the feeling of the song may go away temporarily.

Also nasal polyp sinusitis, some hormonal diseases, the feeling of smell can be lost after radiotherapy on the nasal head.

In addition to brain injury, some brain diseases such as:
Some diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple, etc., cause erroneous sense of smell.

Responsible for diabetes and even obesity.

If there is no odor in the nose for some time, or there is a slight odor or an unchanging odor, then a specialist doctor should be consulted.

Experts must understand what medicine is important for you to take or what to do. And they can treat you as needed.

If you get better with medication, the doctor will try to treat you better with medication, and if you need surgery, the doctors will do the same.

However, if it is a problem for a long time, the problem of odor can remain after the operation, so you must consult a doctor as soon as you see the problem.

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