What to do if swollen feet during pregnancy.

What to do if swollen feet during pregnancy.

Today's discussion is about what to do if one's legs become swollen while pregnant.

Many people get watery feet or swollen feet during pregnancy. Those who do not know well about this subject are very scared. There is nothing to fear, it is a common thing. This problem occurs in almost all women during pregnancy. There is another reason, too, because when the fetus grows up, the pressure on the head of the fetus, which is supposed to cause the blood to flow to the heart through the veins of the pregnant mother, is usually interrupted. Which is why it comes out of the blood vessels, and it is the main cause of swelling of the legs during pregnancy.

Here are the things to do if your feet get swollen during pregnancy:
Since many people get swollen legs while pregnant, don't be afraid at first, there is nothing to be afraid of in this case, you must keep your morale strong.

When sleeping at night, sleep with a pillow under your feet, in which case the blood flow from the feet to the top will increase. During the day you should not hang your legs for long, do not hang your legs, do not watch TV while hanging your legs, do not hang your legs while sitting in the office, use something high under your feet if necessary.

At this time, the shoes are more likely to be tight due to swelling of the feet, so buy new shoes and make sure that the shoes are comfortable.

There are many people who get scared when their legs are swollen and always rest and lie down, try to walk a little instead of lying down or sitting.

Also, if you have any other problems such as: hypertension, thyroid problems, you must consult a doctor.

Also, if the whole body, including the legs, is swollen, you must contact a doctor without delay.
Pregnant women must be careful, be careful on all sides. One thing to always remember, an accident is the cry of a lifetime.

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