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What are the benefits of not eating sugar? And what you can eat instead of sugar.

One thing that is often heard nowadays is that tea cannot be eaten with sugar. Or eat a little less sugar. But even then we eat a lot of things with this sugar, such as: tea, coffee, milk, cakes, everything we feel comfortable eating with sugar. In a word, we don't like to eat anything except sugar.

 Do you know if this sugar is doing good or bad for your body? Doctors always say to eat less sugar. Eating less sugar will improve our body a lot. You don't have to try for long. You try for 20 to 30 days and you will definitely get results.

Today we will discuss how you can benefit from not eating sugar.

Just because you don't eat sugar doesn't mean you haven't eaten anything sweet. In addition to sugar, there is much to sweeten. There are many sweet fruits, playing them makes the mouth sweet. There are many more things we can eat instead of sweets.

Our brains will become much more active if you start eating sugar at the beginning of the day. And try not to eat anything sugary all day. Then your brain will become much more active.

One of my suggestions is: don't give any sugar to boys or girls who are taking exams, or preparing for exams.

 Because playing this sugar reduces the active nesta a lot during the day. Only those who eat more sugar have more acne rashes. At the same time, they get into problems like bleeding gums due to insect bites on the teeth.

In addition, if you do not eat sugar or eat very little sugar, then if you have heart problems, then you will notice that your heart problems have decreased a lot.

Not only this, if you eat less sugar then your chances of getting sugar will also decrease. And at the same time there will be no chance of getting diabetic if you eat less sugar.

Again, if you eat less sugar, one thing you will notice is that one of you will see a lot less sugar. Those who are on a diet do not eat sugar at all.

Another thing you will notice is that if you stop eating sugar, you will see that your frustration and exhaustion will go away.

It will be a little difficult to get rid of your sugar at first, because sugar is like a kind of addiction, if you get into the habit of eating, you will not be able to give it up easily. You have to do this.

When you eat sugar, there are some chemicals in your brain that are released, for which if you eat a little sugar, you will feel like eating a little more. Again many times it is seen that if you eat one sweet then I think I eat another sweet.

For those who like to eat sweets or eat extra sweets, but this sweet is like a kind of addiction. You could say it is no less than smoking or drinking. You can keep yourself healthy as much as you can keep yourself away from this intoxication.

Many people do not sleep, they stop eating this sugar and see if you will have a good night's sleep. With that, the mental stress will also decrease. The body will be much better in terms of the body and will feel a lot more active.

Just because you're not eating sugar doesn't mean you're not eating anything sweet. Now the question may come to your mind that then we will eat sweets without sugar! Now I will talk about that

One thing you can do is: dry the dates and then bake them a little, then grind them, the dust that will come out of it, what can you say with the date molasses. If you can eat it then it is very beneficial for you. On the one hand, it is rich in vitamins, minerals and calcium, on the other hand, it will keep your body much better.

Again if you think it is a lot of trouble to make, then you do not need to make a hassle, you will get it readymade in different places online.

Another thing you may have heard of is coconut sugar, coconut sugar and but much better for the body. You can eat it instead of sugar, tea-coffee etc. in milk, whatever you make, that is, you can eat it by applying it instead of sugar.

But one thing to keep in mind is that in the middle of table sugar but vitamin minerals are not there, they are just refined. If you eat these instead, it will help your body absorb a lot of nutrients.

Table sugar can only help you increase your calorie intake, but it doesn't matter.

Then another thing you can do is you can eat honey instead of sugar, what you used to eat with sugar now eat with honey, if you can eat with honey then it will be much better for your body, because honey contains more antioxidants. There are many qualities that are very good for the body. And it does no harm to the body.

Another thing is nicy, even if you can eat nicy instead of sugar but it will work quite well. nicy greatly increases the level of hemoglobin in our blood. But I don't mean cutting misri, cutting nicy is a big version of sugar, so don't eat it. I'm talking about the sweets that you can get when you go to the grocery store.

Another thing is molasses, molasses but much better for our body, molasses contains vitamins and molasses fills the lack of calcium. So take molasses instead of sugar. But one thing you must keep in mind is that telling you to eat good does not mean that you will eat extra, you must eat as little as the amount. You eat as much as you don't play. That means very little.

Another thing is that you can eat sweet basil, or stevia, instead of sugar. You can eat it mixed with tea or coffee. You can get these online and the price is not too high.

You can use these instead of sugar, you also eat sugar. Then you will benefit a lot. Try it this way for at least a month and you will definitely get good results. If you don't have to try for a month, then you will see that you have got a lot of promotions. If you try one month, you will see that the next month you have become accustomed to it.

To keep your body healthy, you need to eat less sugar, and if you can, you can eliminate it completely, then there are many more benefits for your body.

Make sure you are in good health and no one else will do it, so avoid some habits for your own health and you will see that your health will improve.

If you really want your health, you must try to follow the above rules.

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