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Why blood test before marriage. Advantages of blood test before marriage.

Today's issue is very important. No matter how modern we are, we do not attach much importance to this issue.

Do you know the matter? Did you know that you need to have a medical test before marriage? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

But we don't think about it seriously, but now is the time to think. Do you know why it's time to think? Let me tell you the story.

Before marriage we do a lot of things like look at the house of the boy and the girl, look at the family, look at what the boy does, see what the girl does, look at the height and beauty of the boy and the girl, look at the property, even many times Looks at the stars etc.

Again, there are many rules in many communities, such as many people see if it is better to get married at a certain time, it is better to get married on a certain date, whether the time will be better or not. We all consider everything.

But have you ever thought that it is very important to do your blood test? Marriage means bond. That bond includes faith and love.
So if we are not clear about everything from the beginning, if we are not clear to each other, then there may be problems later. And then there will be nothing to do but blame each other.

A quarrel between two people will start. One will say yes for you and the other will say yes for you. It will be seen later that a kind of crack has been caught.

Isn't it better to solve everything beforehand? Have you checked everything beforehand?

The way you look at your zodiac sign, property, appearance, etc., as well as blood tests, we need to know if there is a problem inside us.

But many may think that if there is a problem, we will not get married? What will it be like in a relationship of the year? No, I'm not saying that. Those of you who are going to get married are old enough, and you have learned to take your own life opinions.

If there is a problem, moving away from it is not a solution. Rather, it is wiser to see a doctor and solve the problem.

But if you find out later, or if you find out later that you have a child, then it will bring more danger to you.

That's why my advice is that you should have a blood test before you get married. Experts say so.

Blood tests consist of very small tests such as: thalassemia test, we are all familiar with this thalassemia test, we know if one of the two is a carrier, then there is not much to worry about. If one is normal.

But if both are carriers, there can be a problem. Again if there is an effect of thalassemia between the two then there can be a problem. Isn't it better for you to solve all the problems before the marriage before you face them? See a doctor? And to follow the doctor's advice?

If there really is a problem, then there are experts to solve it. Then it will definitely try to solve your problem. After seeing the doctor, you will decide what can be done by consulting the doctor.

Nowadays, not all children get married early, everyone gets established first and then gets married.

One thing I will not say to everyone, but it happens: in this ultra-modern society, you will see almost all the boys and girls, many boys and girls are involved in many relationships, everyone is involved in one or more relationships.

It may sound bad but it is real. It is happening all the time, as a result of which many diseases are entering the body of many people.

Sexually Transmitted Disease As it is, HIV is associated with it, which can lead to many kinds of problems.

I know those who are reading this may not agree with me, but this is the real thing. How many of us can keep our sons and daughters at bay. How long we can take care of him. Are we always watching over them? Do you stay with them when they go out with friends?

As they get older, they need to see if they have any problems. If there is a problem, there is a way to solve it. However, the problem must be known in advance, moreover, you may have a problem when you try to plan a family much later. So shouldn't you be more careful than before?

Again, many people have many problems in the uterus ovary. For which the child does not want to come later. This problem is not only for girls. Just as there are problems for girls, there are also problems for boys.

When we see that there is nothing to do after marriage, when we do not find a solution to these problems, we blame each other.

One says it's your fault, another says it's your fault. Another says it's your body's problem.

Even though there are many types of modern medicine now, shouldn't you be careful?

You will need a lot of money when you see a doctor to fix the problem later. And with that, will you have the right treatment? There is no guarantee that your problem will be solved.

Many people have many types of problems such as thyroid problems, sugar problems, heart problems, whatever the problem, everyone should consult an expert.

One thing to keep in mind is that you have to spend your whole life with the person you are marrying. So you must find a good life partner. And if you find a life partner before many years of relationship, then you must try to consult a doctor before marriage.

And you also have to remember that your future generation, your child, will be born from both of you, so you must understand what to do.

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