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What are the harms of using a mask? And what is the way to overcome it?

Today's topic of discussion is Max, now we all wear masks, but do we all know how it damages our skin? And how can we protect ourselves from this loss? This will be discussed today.

Wearing a mask is good for all of us, we use masks so that all kinds of things including dust and dirt from outside do not get into our mouths. And for those who have breathing problems, wearing masks is very necessary.

Tell me what happens when we wear a mask? This mask holds our nose and mouth very tightly. You may not realize it now, but if you use a mask like this for a few months, you will understand how much it affects your skin.

Today we will discuss how to be aware in advance and how to fight this problem, how to overcome this problem.

Many are seen going out in their own cars, and those who are alone in a car also wear masks. There is no need to do that because it is your own car and you are alone in it, so it will work even if your mask is not there.

When you get out of the car, you will wear the mask again, so you do not have to wear the mask for a long time. This will reduce the damage to your skin.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that when you use a public car, you must use a mask.

Then another thing you can try to do is, when you get to the place of work or the destination, when you are alone, that is, when you are alone without any people around, wash your hands well first, then wash your hands and take off the mask. , Open the mask and wash your face well, you will notice that you feel much better.

If you feel that you have discomfort or problems with washing your face, you should use a wet cloth or a clean cloth instead.

The reason for removing it is: your nose and mouth will be pressed as long as you wear the mask, and if you put pressure on it for a long time, you will start sweating after a while, and there will be something oily, and the mask will be worn all the time. The breath we breathe repeatedly, passing through the nose and mouth, can't come out properly, and all in all, it's giving birth to bacteria in that area, infection, but it won't take long if we wear the same mask for seven to eight hours straight.

For this reason, if you do not want to give birth to bacteria, you must remove the mask for a while and clean the sweat on your face. And if you fall continuously, you can do a lot of damage if bacteria is born.

If you take off your mask and clean your mouth and read it, then air enters your mouth, and the sweat becomes clear again.

There are many people who use some expensive masks like n95. Although this mask is expensive, the layer near the skin is not good for our skin, although it is not very harmful, but you must try to wear a cotton mask. Then it will be comfortable for your face. If you come every day and wash it well, there will be no problem.

There are many people who use a mask every day and throw it away again, the next day after another new mast, which is not possible for everyone, it is very expensive, so use a mask that can be washed well and used again later.

These are things you must take care of, if you don't take good care of them, it can be a problem.

Because boys have beards and mustaches, they are hotter in that area, so they sweat more, and they are more likely to get infections. So be careful.

If you wear a mask in the same way, you may have allergies to that area, you may have a rash and other types of infectious diseases.

So you must try to go separately, that is, go to a place where no one will be alone, open the mast and clean your face well. If you have trouble washing with water, you can use a wet tissue or a clean cloth. No matter what you do, you must clean your face thoroughly.

Another thing you will notice if you wear a continuous mask is that the part where you are using the mask will become different once the oil accumulates and the side of the face where you are not using the mask will become different. That means there will be two kinds of feelings in two places. You may not realize it if you notice it in one day, if you use the mask for 7 to 8 hours a day, then in a month you will see that you have got two types of scars on your face, here is what you can do to remove these scars.

Apply a little bit of sour yoghurt on your face and wash it well after keeping it for 15 to 20 minutes. All you have to do is reduce the amount of oily substance coming out of your mouth. It will go a long way.

Aloe vera gel is very good for the face. You can use it, you can mix a drop of lemon juice with aloe vera if you wish, but it can help protect against all types of allergic rashes, etc. The use of aloe vera has been mentioned long ago and you can see it if you wish.

If you do as I told you, it will not affect your skin, you must take care of your skin. Of course you have to use Max to be careful, it is mandatory. That's why I gave you the ways, you can use the mask to keep the skin beautiful.

Hopefully you will try to follow the rules, if you follow the rules then your skin will not be affected.

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